South Bay Auto Auction

Premier Independent Dealer Only Auction in California

Huge Weekly Auctions

South Bay Auto Auction is a one-stop independent dealer-only auto auction. Every week of the year, we host huge auctions with up to 8 lanes. We are the premier vehicle auction in California, with financial institutions like banks and credit unions, as well as rental and other fleet lease organizations, turning to South Bay Auto Auction to help get their cars, trucks, and specialty vehicles in front of buyers from thousands of dealers.

8 lanes, 52 weeks per year

Gardena, CA

 Convenient California Locations

We opened our location in Southern California in 1993 and quickly grew to become one of the largest auto auctions in the area. In fact, our Gardena, CA location is the only dealer only independent auction between Santa Barbara to Orange County. .

Unique Value Add Services

  • Fleet Asset Management

    We are happy to serve fleets by offering the highest value auto auction for fleet vehicles. Whether you run a rental car fleet or a fleet of work vehicles, we know how to resell your assets in the most efficient manner. Get the most money for your vehicle, or the best deal on buying an ex-fleet vehicle.

  • Transportation Services

    As a one-stop auto auction, we own and operate a fleet of transport trucks that can pick up your vehicle or vehicles from wherever they are. We can even pick up out of state. Simply fill out an order transport form and we will do the rest.

  • Reconditioning Services

    Don’t worry if your vehicle is not in perfect shape. South Bay Auto Auction provides over 99 services that will recondition any car to showroom quality. These services include interior detailing, dent removal, engine repairs, and more.

Monthly Specialty Sales

Once per month, we offer a specialty vehicle sale. This is the perfect opportunity to buy and sell vehicles such as RVs, police cars, ambulances, box trucks, construction equipment, boats, and more. We are one of the few auto auctions that offers you the opportunity to buy and sell such a wide range of vehicles. Find out when the next specialty sale will be held in your area.

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Financial Institutions Love SBAA

There is no better auto auction for credit unions, banks, fleet lease organizations, or anyone looking to auction cars, trucks, or other vehicles than South Bay Auto Auction. We pride ourselves on getting you the best price for your vehicle and offer many services to help you do so. We are also a member of or affiliated with many financial organizations, including conferences, credit union associations, and more. Schedule a meeting to come down to one of our locations to discuss how we can help you.

SBAA for Fleet Lease

Dealers Love SBAA

Dealers win at South Bay Auto Auction. Our massive selection means there is always a great deal to be found on the auction floor. We offer weekly auctions, which means that when you need one car or several cars to maintain your inventory, you can quickly procure exactly what you need at the price you want to pay. We are a consignment favorite due to the simplicity of our run list, which you can view any time through your private login to see the inventory coming through our pipeline. Contact us to get started!

SBAA for Consignment