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As a fleet manager, you have more important things to do than to manage the sales of your aging fleet. That’s where South Bay Auto Auction comes in. Our fleet asset management team makes sure that you get the highest possible dollar for every vehicle you sell in a timely manner. And with our huge weekly auctions, you could get cash for your fleet vehicles sooner than you believed possible!

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How SBAA Does Fleet Asset Management Right

Upon maturity or retirement, depreciation accounts for better than 45-50% of your vehicle and equipment fleet’s total value. So when the time comes to sell your assets, attaining the highest possible resale value is essential.

South Bay Auto Auction’s Fleet Asset Management Division, was created with exactly that in mind. Our marketing team goes beyond the status quo to make strategic and cost-effective marketing and reconditioning decisions that are designed to increase net returns.

In addition, SBAA has established strong business relationships with over 2,000 (registered) ‘top’ new and used car dealers, wholesalers, importers and exporters, making us the industry leader among independent auto auctions nationwide.
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Buying Fleet Vehicles with SBAA

As a buyer, you can save an incredible amount of money on the vehicle you are looking for by buying an ex-fleet vehicle. While fleet vehicles are generally maintained to a higher standard than average passenger automobiles, this is sometimes negated by the fact that a fleet driver is less likely to treat the vehicle as well as he or she would his or her own car. At South Bay Auto Auction, we can see to it that these fleet vehicles are reconditioned back to factory specification and showroom quality. You can view all of the vehicles that are coming up for auction by registering or logging into our run list.

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