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South Bay Auto Auction offers over 99 different services to get your vehicles front line ready for the auction lane. Our team of detailers and mechanics work quickly to ensure the work is completed in a timely manner and our reasonable rates enable you to add value and increase the return on your investment. From A to Z… a simple wash and vacuum to bumper paint or windshield replacement, South Bay Auto Auction can improve your vehicles’ appearance and increase your profit margin!

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99+ Services To Make You More Money

The condition a car is in greatly affects its monetary value. Even a minor dent or a small tear in a leather seat can mean thousands of dollars less. It also makes a car more difficult to sell. That’s where South Bay Auto Auction comes in. We have mechanics and auto detailers on staff who can help to restore any car to showroom quality.

Just some of the services we can help with are replacing dead batteries, repairing damaged parts, removing dents, replacing body panels, windows, mirrors, etc., interior detailing, vinyl repair, window tint removal, headlight fog removal, and more. If you’re a seller, you can ensure a better value at auction by reconditioning each car you sell.

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Buying Reconditioned Vehicles from SBAA

Reconditioning not only increases the value of the car from the moment you pick it up, but it will increase the value for your buyer as well. We take care of everything from minor detailing on the interior of the car to major repairs, dent removal, window replacement, and much more. Our reconditioning process takes into account the mechanical condition of a car as well as its appearance.

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