South Bay Auto Auction

SBAA Run List

The South Bay Auto Auction run list is your ticket to get insider information about which cars will be on auction during the upcoming sale date. This info can include the make, model, year, VIN, photos of the car, an more. If you are a dealer or consignment professional, you can’t afford not to be in on the action. Register today to get access to your personal run list profile.


Check In Slips

If you are selling a vehicle at the auction, you need to make sure you provide us with a Check In Slip for each car you’re bringing. Make sure you have are filling out the Check In Slip for the correct location. This Check In Slip is for the Stockton location ONLY. No car will be admitted to the auction without a Check In Slip. If you’re a regular, it may be wise to print out a stack.

Download Check In Slip

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